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Reasons For Re branding

Rebranding is that way that best reflects your business in the marketplace. Rebranding can include changing your business name, logo design, web design e.t.c that better appeal to your customers.

Rebranding can also be where you just update the colors palette, add / replace graphics. Rebranding should be done to gain more customers, achieve a competitive edge or appeal to a market.

Rebranding? Here are 5 tips to help you on your way:

Reasons to re-brand
If you used to do “this” but now you do “this and that,” it might be time to rebrand. Remember, your customers will only know that you do “this” unless you find a way of making them see that you also do “that.” Make sense?

The right brand name
A crucial element of any business is the creation of a brand name by which people could identify the service or product it provides. It’s also one of the very first things you have to think about, and it’s something that will be stuck with your business for long.

This is why it’s necessary to be particular about coming up with the perfect brand name for your business. It may not seem like a daunting task, but it requires careful consideration on various aspects of what kind of services or products you will be providing. After all, the brand name, along with the logo and the type, sums up everything your business represents into a symbolic name.

Your brand is boring

It might be hard to accept, but sometimes it’s time to re-brand simply because the brand image you started out with is a little boring. Re-branding can give your business new life. It can help you to retain old customers, while successfully bringing in new ones.

After you have completed your re-branding you have the perfect opportunity to contact all your customers, more than once, to let them know. Contact with customers for a positive reason, not purely to push sales is always good. Customers will be receptive to pure information, without pushy sales messages to get past, and are likely to be more receptive to any brochure you send with your notification letter.

People have no idea who you are or what you do
Have you ever had someone ask you what you do? Sure you have. We all have. Have you found yourself fumbling to get the right words out? Does your description take longer than 10 seconds? If so, it might be time to re-brand. You should be able to tell people who you are and what you do in a quick and easy way.

If you’re starting to think re-branding might be the right strategy for your business get in touch with us today and let’s start the conversation!
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